Walking Back Home

Finding Clarity on The Camino 

Most people have a huge party for their 60th birthday, but not Maggie! She chose to walk across Spain on the Camino de Santiago.

This inspirational book is not a diary but an introspective look at what happens to your mind and body when walking long distance. Read about the sights, smells, sounds and the people she met along the way.

This book explains how she did it, and how you can too!

This must read book will:

Inspire you to take a chance in your life and achieve something that you never thought possible. 

Walking The Camino is as much about the journey to self as the actual physical path. Maggie takes you inside the mindset that you need to be able to achieve your goals.

And of course, the tales along the way.... The people she met, and experiences they shared, that left an undeniable mark on her soul. 

If you have ever dreamed of walking the Camino de Santiago, this is a great beginning. This book will guide you through all that you need to know. 

Walking Back Home Paperback

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Margaret Caffyn

About the Author

Margaret Caffyn (nee Stott) was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her childhood was an adventure in itself, living in suburbia during the week and spending every weekend and school holidays at the family’s sheep farm on Phillip Island. 

Her father encouraged independence and taught her many of life’s practical skills, allowing her to explore her surroundings and become the free spirit that she is, thus developing a lust for experiences. Over her lifetime, she has had many transformations. She has been a stenographer, medical secretary, waitress, cook, and function organiser.

She owned a catering business and also a Mexican restaurant, and now works as a Remedial Massage therapist at home. Travelling is her passion and Margaret devotes much of her spare time to exploring the world and challenging herself along the way. She has two children and two grandchildren and lives on the stunning Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Contact : margcaffyn@hotmail.com